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Resolutions tend to be guilt-ridden and soon forgotten. Why not pick a theme instead? One or a couple of words that will inspire you, guide you, nudge, you, remind you, stay lodged in your memory, and take you to places you might not have thought of.

There is indeed magic in a word oft repeated.

“You have been a big part of my personal evolution,” writes Rita Stafford, onsite community manager, HOAMCO in Albuquerque  “because you have kept in touch, sent the reminders, and offered encouragement and wisdom along the way. I hope you will keep me on your e-mail list!”

2014 themes

2014 Themes
Year after year, I’ve been amazed at the wide variety of themes and how themes have often led people to places they never expected.

“Grounding point,” “sunshine in my box,” “gentle nudge,” “reminder of where I want to go,” “my very own personalized service,” are but a few of the benefits people have identified over the years. To read more about themes, click here.

Already have a theme in mind? Email it to me now.

Here’s to a joyous journey in 2015.


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