Heart opening

I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience I had with you last week. It was such a great heart opening and Aha for me. You created such a gentle environment for it to unfold in. Thank you from the depths of my heart and being. — Michelle Sherrill, Prescott, May 2014

Embrace and honor

Your workshop put me in touch with how much my values, goals and desires had changed from my earlier self.  It allowed me to embrace and honor those changes instead of pushing them under the table and stamping on them as "not enough". Your workshop helped me be comfortable and happy with the person I had become. I am ever grateful to you for that. The joy workshop is superb!  I read my mantra every day. — JoAnn Reynolds, Prescott, October 2013


WOW!!!! Thank you soooo much. This is amazing to read! How profound!  I can't believe I put these statements together at 10:30 at night!!!!! You are truly skilled! — Katie Asmus, MA, LPC, BMP, Namasté Healing Arts Center, Boulder, September 2013

I really am me!

I’ve been studying my wall and the files you posted. I'm amazed at how it turned out and how very thought provoking it is. I've been thinking about it so much and can't help but chuckle because I really am me!

Thanks so much for offering to do the JOY workshop. I was a little hesitant, yet very glad in the end. I like so very much going from mandala me to wall me. The collage makes me smile, because it really does reflect my characteristics.  It’s quite a surprise package, even though I knew the parts one by one in the past. — Sharon Coates, Toronto,  September 2013


For me, the most valuable part of the workshop was the confirmation – through Mado’s gentle, probing questions and her famous sticky notes – to stay on the path I’m on. Thanks to her, I have, in writing and in my heart, a powerful reminder of why I started my new business and how it empowers me to weave together my passions on behalf of the families for whom I’m creating new resources. — Ellen Zimmerman, founder, Jewish Holidays in a Box, Winchester, September 2013

Confidence and clarity

I really enjoyed the Joy Workshop. It was inspirational and freeing. Mado is excellent at what she does. She instills confidence and I felt more connected and clearer about how I want to move forward. I love the way it connected my passions with my life projects and dreams. The Joy Workshop leads you gently towards your own individual mission statement or mantra and one quickly realizes that the most valuable things are to be found within ourselves. I also realized (at 60 something) that my life, so far, has prepared me for this stage of my journey.

Mado’s gentle demeanor and genuine passion for this process creates a harmonious learning environment. She empowers you to 'step out of the box', realizing the power of creativity that is within each and every one of us. I especially appreciated receiving the take-away information - a special kit outlining the highlights of my participation and an inspirational way to relive the workshop and honour my mantra.

You offer a peaceful sense of joy in what you do so well.  Thank you, Mado!  — Lyse Lavictoire, Ripon, QC, July 2013

Challenging and rewarding

The joy workshop is superb!  I read my mantra every day. The experience was exciting, challenging and rewarding. It opened up a world that was drowned out by the day-to-day issues we all encounter. It was as if a window opened to my heart where fresh and wonderful ideas were able to breeze through.

Mado’s guidance and enlightenment made the journey fly. It seemed like she had just walked in the door when she hugged me as she walked out.

The memories were awakened and new ideas were brought to stay. I can’t express the gratitude for her wisdom and guidance through the process and I can’t say enough if you are considering the experience.  What do you have to lose…except joy itself???!!! — Pat Carey, Phoenix, June 2013


What I learned about myself was eye-opening. What I came away with was a personal life mantra; a short statement that clearly summarizes who I am and what I want my life to be and mean.

The time I spent with Mado was intense and rewarding. Her approach is very nurturing and non-threatening; she made it easy and comfortable to open up to and share with.  Now I have something solid to refer to when I am feeling out of sorts or off-track (which can be almost daily).

Reading my personal JOY mantra helps remind me of who I am and what is really important.  It's a prayer for myself and helps me re-align with what's important.  I am so grateful for the direction, wisdom and coaching I received from Mado and would highly recommend a JOY intensive to anyone looking for clarity and understanding of their life journey.  — Tracy Holsapple, Loveland, May 2013

Joy packet

I absolutely love love love the joy packet that was waiting in our mailbox. [It] will help me keep my goals in front of me no matter where I may be. — Peggy Morse, Denver, June 2013

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