Build your own mandala

There is no set number of parts. Genetics are complex and so are we. Only you can identify all the parts you brought into the world. Over time, as you continue to work with your mandala, you might amalgamate some parts and deem others to be introjects. Mandalas shift as you get to know yourself better and listen deeply to the voices inside.

No normal or abnormal, no good or bad

There is no normal or abnormal; there are no good or bad parts; there is no need to attach value. Parts just are. Indeed, it is what it is. It’s what you do with it and how you work with it that’s key.

While it would be easier and most likely faster if I were there to help you create your mandala, you certainly can start piecing one together on your own. Here's how.

Materials needed

You’ll need a Sharpie or felt-tipped pen, some post-its and a sheet of paper.

Time required

Set aside a couple of hours. See sidebar to your right for a visualization to get you started.

Assembling the mandala

When you are done with the visualization and journaling, gather your materials. First create a SOUL post-it. Use a different color post-it or a different color ink. Put Soul in the middle of your blank sheet. Name each part you identified during the visualization and write each name on its own post-it.

The sidebar to your left lists sample parts,
to give you an idea of the parts clients have identified in the course of their work with me. I include this partial list so you can see how imaginative you can get in naming your parts and also see the wide variety of parts people have identified. Choose names that have meaning for you. Put the parts that feel closest to the Soul next to the Soul and work your way outwards.

Only so much energy

One of Freud’s great contributions was to identify that there is only so much energy in the system. On any given day, one part or group of parts might take over. Your mandala, therefore, will continually be shifting as parts move around and realign themselves, as they move closer to and further away from the Soul. Take a look at my mandala to get an idea.

You are unique

No two people are alike. You are unique and so is your mandala.


Take the next few days to observe which part -- or parts -- show up at any given moment. Do you hear any voices that you did not identify during the visualization? If so, give them a name and add to your mandala. It can take a while for parts to emerge and for you to become aware of them. Keep paying attention as you go about your day.


You may very well have some questions at this point. Do not hesitate to phone me at 928-925-7516 or use the contact form to send me your question. I’ll be happy to provide answers.

The Self Soul and Spirit model is a great way to get to know yourself better. It is also an idea tool to get to know your partner better and to develop better channels of communication. Client Alison Rush says: “It’s like we really finally got to know each other.” It is a great tool in a family setting too.

Working with me

  • Experience the model
  • Embrace all of who you are
  • Uncover your many strengths
  • Examine what brings joy to all of your parts
  • Be clear about each part's intentions
Be a JOY sojourner. Schedule a JOY Intensive. Come by yourself, with your mate or partner, with another family member, or with a trusted friend. Call me at 928-925-7516 to discuss dates, locations and possibilities. Working with you would be an honor and a privilege.

Thank you for helping me remember to claim what I want, move towards that, laugh, open up, have fun, and most of all TRUST. Gwen Young, CEO, Young Communications Group, Los Angeles, CA