The JOY workshops are but a part of what I offer. My specialty is nurturing people, ideas and spaces. To put it differently, I help people and small business units move from chaos to clarity — in their planning, their organizing, and their life.

Go to quioquio.com to see how else I might serve you and help you make your life – and the life of your partner, family, friends, and colleagues – more enjoyable. You’ll also find a description of other workshops that might be of interest.

Theme for the year

Last but not least, I encourage people to choose a theme for the year – it’s never too late in the year to start! I send gentle reminders periodically throughout the year, mainly via email, although I do use snailmail a couple of times.

Go to quioquio.com to see a list of themes people have picked over time and to enroll in the theme program. It’s stimulating, energizing, and fun. And it doesn’t cost you a dime!

It’s one of the ways I put joy into my life. I just love hearing where themes take people, often to the most unexpected of places.