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I’ve been sitting in Prescott these past 12 days, waiting for Esmeralda’s transmission issues to be resolved. July 4th celebrations caused some delays in getting a diagnosis. Last Saturday saw my mechanic — D1 — ordering parts from California. He paid for overnight delivery, which actually meant the parts would be shipped on Monday for Tuesday delivery.

Joe Biden

Not so. The parts arrived Wednesday afternoon. I’m guessing Joe Biden and the Memorial service for the 19 hotshots who died in the Yarnell Fire might have had something to do with the delay.

D1 delivered the parts to D2 —  the transmission specialist D1 had farmed the work out to —  first thing Thursday morning. Of course, I had been bumped out of the queue by then. The earliest D2 could get to Esmeralda was Saturday (yesterday).

I bopped around all day expecting a “Come pick her up” call mid-afternoon. At five o’clock, I texted D1 —  “Please check with D2 and let me know what’s what.” No reply. I called and left a voicemail 3o minutes later. My radiator was boiling over, I was ready to blow a gasket. Luckily, I had calmed down somewhat when I got a call back at 6:30 pm.

More parts required

“The clutch plates in the kit are too thick, and D2 can’t finish the job.” said D1. “I drove to Phoenix to try to locate some, but couldn’t find any.”

“Will this ever end???” I said, along with  few choice words unmentionable in mixed company!

“D2 thinks we can get the plates from this guy in Prescott. I’ll be there first thing Monday morning. I know how frustrated and disappointed you are. I’m working on getting you out of here as soon as we can.”

What’s a girl to do??? After a few moments on the pity pot, I started to laugh. The best laid plans! It is what it is, I will get the car back when she is ready to roll. Or not.

Great body

Other than the transmission, Esmeralda’s in good shape — new brakes, new filler hose, new gaskets, new sparkplugs, new radiator. A great body with nary a scratch, low mileage and good on gas for a 1995 model — 25 mpg in the city and 30+ on the highway. And everything fits, including a dance floor, thanks to my good friend Lyse. I will not go into that now. The floor may be the object of a future post!

So here I sit in Prescott. I’ve had wonderful early morning walks with Chula and then with my morning group. I’ve caught up with a lot of the administrative stuff I didn’t know how I would handle while on the road. I’ve chilled and meditated. I’ve rested and learned yet again there’s no such thing as control!

One of these days, I’ll be on the road again. With or without Esmeralda. It’s her call.

Watch for the JOY tour in a city near you!

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Gene July 14, 2013, 18:26

You just gotta follow yer husband’s model fer calmness, etc…and remember it ain’t nice to cuss!!

Mado Reid July 14, 2013, 22:03

Yea, right!

Pat Des Jardin July 14, 2013, 20:20

Hi Mado,

Your adventure sounds like a book to me or at the very least a short story. Hope to meet up with you when/if you arrive in the Chippewa Valley.

My joy is a cool breeze with 50% or less humidity—regardless of temp.

Mado Reid July 14, 2013, 22:02

Thanks, Pat. I look forward to meetking you too. It will most likely be September now as this transmission has eaten up so much time. I’ll most likely take a more southerly route and jet to Toronto. Should be in Wisconsin mid September. Will keep you posted.

Carolyn July 14, 2013, 20:52

I’m reading this and shaking my head. I think the Fall will be a better time to be in the North East. It’s all about timing, deep breaths and patience. I know you can do it and it’s a good story. Love Ya

Mado Reid July 14, 2013, 22:04

Love you right back!

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