Joy Intensive

Have you ever actually taken the time to explore what brings you joy? Wouldn't it be nice to have a clear idea? To have it in a format that allows you to look at your definition on a daily basis? To put Joy at the center of your life?

A unique experience spread over several sessions

Join me in an intensive. We'll use a variety of creative exercises  to explore and identify what brings you joy, to look at your wants and desires, to ferret out your intentions and direction. We'll put it all up on the wall where you can clearly see what's what. We'll keep feeding the wall until you feel it's complete. And then we'll bring it all together in a most meaningful way.

I'll also introduce you to the Self • Soul • Spirit model. I find it an invaluable tool in embracing all of who you are, in identifying your strengths and wants, and in setting intentions. Click on the tab up top to find out more.

By the end of our time together, you'll have a visual representation, a mantra as well as a a written statement that clearly identify what makes your heart sing, statements you can look at every day, that will spur you on to find the joy in the moment, to be the joy in someone's life, to spread joy all around you. And you'll create an action plan to ensure your journey is a joyful one.

You'll also be clear on what you bring to the table, on your strengths and on how you intend to proceed. The  model I integrate in the workshop is one that will broaden your understanding of who you are, of what your strengths are. It will allow you to embrace all of you in a very freeing way.

"What I learned about myself was eye-opening.  What I came away with was a personal life mantra; a short statement that clearly summarizes who I am and what I want my life to be/mean.  The time I spent with Mado was intense and rewarding."  Tracy Holsapple, Loveland, CO

What you get:
  • An introduction to the Self • Soul • Spirit model that will provide an amazing way to embrace all of who you are
  • A visual reminder
  • A JOY mantra
  • A Joy manifesto that clearly identifies what makes your heart sing, that provides direction, that will spur you on to find the joy in the now, to pursue what makes you happy.
  • An action plan to ensure you pursue a joyful path in a world of WOW!
  • Tools that keep the day alive. That capture and record the salient points of the day. Something you'll enjoy looking at again and again and that will inspire you to shoot for joy every chance you get.

The joy intensive is geared to one or two people.  It is custom-tailored to your needs, to where you are in your life. It is a wonderful gift to yourself, to you and your partner/mate/companion, to you and a friend, to you and a daughter or son, to you and a special person in your life. Click here to see what participants have written about their experience.

I travel extensively and it would be a pleasure to schedule a personal intensive either in Prescott, AZ, where I land when not traveling, or in an area close to you as I criss-cross the country. Give me a call me at 928-925-7516 to discuss possibilities regarding location and date.